Myth 1: Marriage is an ancient institution that shouldn’t be changed

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.38.43 pm

If anything, there’s one thing this ancient institution (and society as a whole) is not, and that’s static. A lot of things were considered ‘tradition’ and were ‘always the way they are’ until they were changed and improved. Lets take a retrospective look on some examples:

– Dowries being paid for arranged marriages
– Unions between cousins for political relations (commonly practiced by European royalty)
– Slavery
– Dictatorships by kings and emperors
– Human sacrifice rituals
– Witch hunts
– Curing physical illnesses with spells and magic

Should we go back to doing all of this? No.

Sometimes change is good.

Due to the realization of the evils, fallacies or to simply keep up with the dynamism of contemporary society, these ‘traditions’ must be broken to make way for new, fairer and all inclusive conventions.

Plus, no one is proposing changes to heterosexual marriages in any way, shape or form. So what’s the problem?


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